June 27, 2016 scentia

Group CEO of Scentia takes the CEO Sleepout Challenge


On Thursday 23rd June, Scentia Group CEO, Peter Mobbs experienced first-hand what it’s like to be homeless in the middle of winter as part of the 2016 Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

Here, Pete shares a few words about his humbling experience.

“We started the night with an eye-opening group roleplay, detailing the challenges faced by a homeless individual or someone recently struck by adversity. Each CEO was given a character to play and in my case, I’d just escaped suddenly from a violent domestic scenario without my ID or any money. I experienced what it was like to be turned away from Centrelink due to my lack of ID. Next, I attempted to replace my ID, but I had no money to do so. Returning to Centrelink, I was then sent to a doctor who prescribed me antidepressants that I had no money to buy. The scenario detailed the hopeless situation faced by many Australians on a daily basis. Finally, Vinnies stepped in. The roleplay showed how they help those in need by providing a range of support services – from helping to explain the process of getting an ID, to giving food, a warm place to sleep, clothes and emotional support.

After learning about the harsh reality of life on the streets, it was time to bed down in my very basic cardboard shelter and experience the elements. I was prepared for it to be a tough night, but it was more challenging, more uncomfortable and cold than I could have ever imagined.

Sadly, life on the streets is an ongoing reality for 105,000 Australians, which is a truly distressing figure. This also includes around 17,000 youth which as a father I found especially distressing.

Vinnies is a wonderful charity making a huge difference to the lives of those most vulnerable in our society. They help those who are on the streets and also help with early intervention with the aim of reducing homelessness.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who donated generously to this cause. Your donations helped to raise over $7,000, which Scentia matched dollar-for-dollar as part of our 1:1:1 initiative (where we donate 1% of profit, 1% of products via scholarships and 1% of paid staff time to charities of your choice). The total donation from Scentia to Vinnies was a little over $14,800.”

It’s not too late to sponsor Peter for this great cause!
Please visit: https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/ceos/nsw-ceos/peter-mobbs/